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Years 10 and 11

Course Title: GCSE Statistics
Exam Board: AQA
Qualification: GCSE

About the course
Statistics GCSE develops statistical thinking and practice, and an understanding of how statistics are used in the real world. The skills and knowledge acquired will be relevant and transferable to other settings, enhancing career opportunities and applications for higher education. The specification provides direct progression to A level mathematics as well as supporting the techniques used in A level science and geography.

Students who sit GCSE Statistics do so in addition to their GCSE mathematics.

How it is assessed

Unit 1: Statistics written paper

The written paper is a 2 hour exam sat at the end of the GCSE course. The maximum uniform mark is 180 and contributes 75% of the overall maximum uniform mark of 240.

Unit 2: Controlled assessment

The controlled assessment consists of 2 parts; a statistical investigation (maximum mark of 20) which is carried out in mathematics lessons in January of Year 11 and a controlled assessment exam which also has a maximum mark of 20. The controlled assessment contributes 25% and has a maximum uniform mark of 60.

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