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Welcome toMerchants'

Welcome to the Merchants’ Academy website which provides the virtual gateway to our campus and an insight into our learning community. As an all-age Academy with students from Nursery through to Sixth Form, Merchants’ Academy lies at the heart of the community and we are proud of what we have to offer.

Our Academy is a happy, vibrant and exciting place to learn and work and we take seriously the fact that our students only get one chance at an excellent education.

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  • Helping you tackle online safety issues: View the free e-safety magazine - it aims to keep you up to date with any risks or issues & offers practical guidance. Read more May 21st
  • Parent/Carer info: It can be challenging to keep up to speed with what young people are doing online. Are you puzzled by parental controls or want to understand gaming better? Help & guidance can be found here - Read more May 21st
  • This term, Nursery were introduced to a very pretty, cold blooded frog. - frogs drink through their tummies & swallow their meals via blinking their eyes!! Read more May 18th
  • Nursery's visit from this term - Stripe the 🐀 was loved by everyone & the students asked when could Stripe come again to Nursery?! Read more May 18th
  • This term, Nursery enjoyed a visit from - The student's favourite animal to touch was the big hissing cockroach - he was well behaved and didn't run up anyone's jumpers! Read more May 18th