Homework is an important part of your child’s experience at Merchants’ Academy and as such it will be set for students of all ages. Homework is a significant part of education because it promotes self- discipline and responsibility, skills that will support students to succeed throughout their lives. In addition, it reinforces work started in lessons, extends knowledge and understanding, gives opportunities to practice and develop skills and allows you, as parents and carers, to become more involved in your child´s learning. Finally, homework is extremely valuable in ensuring students´ progress and in raising achievement.  

Homework will be set via a timetable and will be checked on the due date by classroom teachers. Students are expected to complete homework by the deadlines set by their teachers and detentions will be given for failure to do so; all detentions will take place the day after the missed homework deadline.  

If your child is absent from school for an extended period of time, due to illness, please ask them to speak to their tutor (on their return to school) who will discuss ways of supporting them. Absence for an appointment or short-term sickness will still require homework completion.