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Regular attendance and punctuality to the Academy and to lessons is essential for all of our students to make good progress, achieve their academic potential and consequently have better chances in life. Attendance is a key performance indicator within the Academy. Every student at Merchants' Academy, in line with the Government's expectations, is expected to maintain a minimum attendance level of 96%. It is the responsibility of everyone in the Academy community to ensure they achieve this. The Academy monitors the attedance and punctuality of all students constantly and reviews and publishes it internally weekly.

Each year there are 185 days for all students to attend the Academy on time which leaves 180 days for holidays, shopping, birthday treats, non urgent medical and dental appointments and events which should never fall within learning time. The Academy will not authorise absence for such reasons.

The Academy's Attendance Target is 97% for both the Primary and Secondary.

Attendance over One Academy Year
If a student had:

98% attendance = fewer than 4 days absent from school
95% attendance = fewer than 10 days absent from school
90% attendance = 4 weeks absent from school
85% attendance = 5 ½ weeks absent from school
80% attendance = 7 ½ weeks absent from school (Equivalent to one day per week absence for the whole year).
N.B. A child who misses a day of school per week throughout Years 1 – 11 misses an equivalent of over two years of their learning time in school)

Attendance throughout Primary School over 6 years (Years R-6)
If a student had:

85-90% attendance = having over 7 months off school!
80% attendance = having almost 45 weeks off school = one whole school year + half a term missed!

Attendance throughout Secondary School over 5 years (Years 7-11)
If a student had:

85-90% attendance = having about half a year off school!
80% attendance = 38 weeks off school = one whole school year missed!

The Academy appreciates that children are unwell from time to time and that there can be exceptional circumstances for absences but asks that parents think carefully about keeping their child/ren out of school. There is a strong connection between attendance and achievement at school. Absence is proven to have a significantly negative impact upon a child’s educational attainment and future opportunities in life.