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Successful Netball Tour 2018


Tour Report:

Miss Rachel Pearson, Academy Netball Coach

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From Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd April at Condover Hall

31 students alongside Lil Miss Pearson, Tall Miss Pearson, Miss Nimaga and Miss Olaniyan set off on a fun filled weekend to Condover Hall in Shropshire, for the annual Netball Tour. The weekend got off to a great start, when the bus driver Sean produced Pitch Perfect for the girls to watch enroute. This resulted in a bus full of students and teachers singing along to the soundtrack. 


At Condover hall, we were welcomed with sunshine and the students enjoyed all the activities on offer from laser quest, to abseiling, jumping off the Leap of Faith and probably the most popular kayaking. In the lovely warm temperatures, students enjoyed fun games on the water, with many getting fully submerged and having a swim. Fears were conquered as students climbed up and leaped off the small ledge on the Leap of Faith swing, showing confidence and determination.

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The netball was of a very high and competitive standard and it was a fully booked weekend with plenty of schools and netball clubs providing fierce competition. Merchants' Academy girls stood out in their well-presented appearance, with perfectly plaited hair, fresh kit and bright hoodies. The girls demonstrated tenacity, teamwork and optimism, building in their confidence after each game. 

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Team run down:

The Y7 team thoroughly enjoyed their first year showing great potential for the future. Well done to Maria Eze from Y8, who stepped up and represented the Y9 team. The Y9 team have had a very successful year and have been a team of individuals who have really gelled and are showing great promise.They finished 7th overall in a highly-contested tournament. Special recognition must go to Ella Taylor from Y9 who was a superb all-rounder, playing for various teams and showing great flexibility to play a range of positions. She played out of position for the Y9 team and excelled, never giving up and was an incredible asset to her team.

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The Y10+ competition was of a very high standard and Merchants' Academy had 2 teams, both of which excelled. The Y11 team finished 5th overall, out of 13 teams, a commendable achievement.  Many of the girls playing had been to Condover Hall for 5 years consecutively, so it was a monumental occasion to participate and shine, playing some superb netball and working incredibly well as a team.

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I would like to give a special mention to the Y11 girls, as they will be sorely missed and have made the last 5 years of netball incredibly enjoyable for the teaching staff. They are an incredibly talented group and I wish them all the best for the future.

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On Saturday night, inspired by Pitch Perfect, the girls put on a Talent Show with both Y7 and Y11 planning and practicing their performances together before sharing with the rest of the group. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


'The trip was a huge success and the girls were an absolute pleasure'.


Miss Rachel Pearson

Netball coach

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