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British Science Week

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- A week dedicated to promoting Science across the UK


Throughout Secondary and Primary the students enjoyed additional interactive classroom experiments, and some year groups had exciting day trips to enhance their science learning that week.


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Exciting experiments carried out in Secondary involved creating slime, producing a lava lamp, and setting off their own methane rockets!

“We did an experiment called Oobleck Slime in science lesson and we saw that if the substance stays still it acts like a liquid and if we hit it, it then it goes into a solid.”  - Charley Drew


“We were balancing equations in lesson and then we let a methane rocket go off, it was really loud and very fast!”  - Finlay Johnson


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“In Science Week we found out that carbon atoms can form into a diamond!”  - Oliver Peacock

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Y3 Primary students had an exciting visit to Secondary, where they joined a Y10 science class. Students worked together in small mixed groups to identify a selection of liquids and determine whether they were acid, neutral or alkaline. Y3 especially enjoyed wearing safety goggles and using 'magic' litmus paper to identify the pH level of different substances. It was a great interactive learning session, giving the Y10 students a chance to teach their knowledge and skills and help guide the enthusiastic Y3s.

“We had some surprise visitors from Primary in science class this week. We taught them about the pH scale using universal indicator paper.”  - Jeff Lewis


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The Maths Department in Secondary, celebrated Science Week with an interactive problem solving treasure trail. Y9 students studying higher GCSE Maths came together to push their mathematical understanding, team work skills and problem solving abilities. Well done to the overall Y9 Proportion Champions, which were tutor group 9M1.

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In Primary, Y3 created their own sea creature habitats. Students enjoyed describing each plant and creature within their habitat and explaining how they all benefit from living together.

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Primary Trips

Y1 visited Bristol Aquarium as part of their 'Under the sea' theme that week. Students learnt about conservation and enjoyed the fishy fun facts!

Y1 aquarium visit 2

Y2 and Y4 took part in a Dinosaur Siscovery workshop at Bristol Museum, which was ran by university Paleontologists. Students used brushes to clear away sand and discover fossils from different animal food chains.

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