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Proud Magazine - Term 5

Proud 5 front cover only May 2017, 5th Edition


The Merchants' Academy Magazine for Term 5 is available to view online.

A studious term, with exams commencing across the academy in SATs, GCSEs and A-levels. The students have still found time for a successful Race for Life and place their votes for the next Head Students and their Deputies.




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  • Today's fundraising total in support of Chris has reached £2,252. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Further fundraising events will continue in the community over the weekend. Read more February 23rd
  • One colourful wellington boot was planted in special memory of Chris - the boots will be displayed across Primary and Secondary sites. Read more February 23rd
  • Primary students have been planting spring flowers & bulbs - to add colour to the surrounding railings within the academy grounds. Students across all primary year groups took part in the outdoors activity. Read more February 23rd
  • Y1 students show off their handmade telescopes as their takes them outside in to the spring sunshine - Arrrrrrrrr!! Read more February 23rd
  • Y1 are off on a hunt for some pirate treasure - Arrrrrrrr!! Read more February 23rd