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Art Exhibition


Term Six welcomed an art exhibition at Primary for all students to enjoy. Each class had the opportunity to learn about a variety of artists and their famous creative styles. Students were proud to have their completed art on display throughout the day for all year groups to celebrate.

Overall, the art exhibition was a great success, ‘Everyone’s work was amazing’ commented Amelia Brown (Y2) and student's interpretation of each artist's style was extremely impressive.

On the run up to the art exhibition, Y2 enjoyed a visit to the Secondary Art department, where they enjoyed painting sea creatures. McAuley Webster said he especially 'enjoyed painting the colourful jellyfish!'


Dsc 0259


Students' art celebrated


- Students studied Seurat’s pointillism technique, using small dots to create large images. The students used cotton wool buds to paint pictures of toys.

Img 8824



- Students copied the bright colours and interesting shapes of Kandinsky. Producing art with hidden depth and emotion.

Img 8792



- Students painted cats in the style of Hoeptner, making the cats look regal and important just like the stray cats Hoeptner painted. 

Img 8787



- Students copied Lowry's distinctive matchstick men style, producing an everyday city scene they could see from the classroom window.

Img 8815



- Students copied the impressionist’s style of art, they painted outside and produced colourful scenes capturing the changing effects of sunlight.

Img 8809


Van Gogh

- Students first applied a watercolour wash to their paper before using poster paints to produce colourful landscape scenes.

Img 8807



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