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Proud Magazine - Term 3


Term 3, January & February 2018 - 9th Edition


Proud 9 front cover only PROUD

The Merchants' Academy Magazine for Term 3 is available to view online.

This term Secondary students celebrated Number Day with various puzzles and challenges and Primary students in Y5 attended an inter-school Maths Challenge. The U14's Girls Basketball team is achieving amazing results and the academy joined together to support Young Carers Awareness Day.

The magazine also highlights student achievements throughout the academy, rewarding students who have displayed progression and improvement in their behaviour, attendance or academia.




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  • Today's fundraising total in support of Chris has reached £2,252. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Further fundraising events will continue in the community over the weekend. Read more February 23rd
  • One colourful wellington boot was planted in special memory of Chris - the boots will be displayed across Primary and Secondary sites. Read more February 23rd
  • Primary students have been planting spring flowers & bulbs - to add colour to the surrounding railings within the academy grounds. Students across all primary year groups took part in the outdoors activity. Read more February 23rd
  • Y1 students show off their handmade telescopes as their takes them outside in to the spring sunshine - Arrrrrrrrr!! Read more February 23rd
  • Y1 are off on a hunt for some pirate treasure - Arrrrrrrr!! Read more February 23rd