On this page you will find advice and resources aimed at supporting students to revise effectively; there’s some general guidance and also some subject specific resources. In addition, parents and carers will find guidance about how best to support their children through their exams.

This page will be updated throughout the year so check back regularly.

What are the most effective ways to revise?

A lot of research has been conducted into the most and least effective types of revision. Download a brief summary of this research by clicking



  • Space your revision sessions – revise little and often.
  • Interleave – revise several subjects in short bursts
  • Test yourself regularly



  • Cram – don’t try to revise everything all at once.
  • Block – don’t allocate whole days per subject.
  • Spend ages just highlighting and re-reading your notes


Useful websites

Top 10 Revision Strategies

A useful blog from a teacher that contains practical strategies to support revision – click here


The Leitner Method

Watch this video to find out about a strategy for making the most out of your flash cards – click here.


Help your child beat exam stress

Read this if you are a parent / carer looking for advice about how to support a child struggling with exam stress – click here.


Helping your child through exams

This article from the BBC contains some practical advice – click here.


General resources

Revision Timetables


All students preparing for exams should begin by writing a revision timetable. You can download a blank revision timetable by clicking here.


Year 11 Revision Booklet

All students in Year 11 have been issued with a revision guidance booklet support them to prepare for their exams. Download an electronic copy by clicking here