House System

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The current House Totals are as follows:

Merchants’ Academy has a newly established House system, which consists of four Houses named after inspirational people who are associated with Bristol. The House names are Blackwell, Campbell, Kenney and Stephenson. All students have been allocated a new House at the start of the 2022/23 academic year and siblings have also been assigned to the same House.

The House leadership team consists of both students and staff. Mr Cole is the House coordinator of the whole House system and is responsible for the organisation, structure and activities. There is a Head of House staff leader for each House, who are as follows:

Mr Harrington – Blackwell

Miss Makki – Campbell

Miss Milkins – Kenney

Mr Potter – Stephenson

Within each year group, there are two House captains for each House. These will be reallocated annually and there will be an opportunity for students to apply for the following academic year. House captains help to organise House events, arrange teams and promote the three core values at Merchants’ Academy: Be Kind, Work Hard, Have Courage.

House events take part on a half termly basis and have so far included The Chase event, a Lip Sync Battle and a Spelling Bee. House sport competitions take part on a full termly basis and consist of a range of sports that are carried out in Physical Education lessons.

The House Cup will be awarded at the end of the academic year and will be based on positive points that have been accumulated by every student and staff member at the Academy. A rewards afternoon will be awarded to the winning House as an extra incentive!!

Information on the House names and badges are as follows: