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House System

Students are placed into one of four Houses on entering the Academy, with each having an even share of students with academic, sporting, vocational and leadership strengths.

The Houses provide opportunities for students to lead, and work together, on a range of sporting and academic competitions, and to raise money for their chosen annual House Charity. Each House also has an international link.

The four Houses compete for the annual House Cup. Students win points for their House through positive behaviour and attitude within the classroom, involvement in sports and co-curricular clubs and through the variety of inter-House competitions, quizzes and activities organised throughout the year.

Students in the Primary wear polo shirts with coloured stripes on their collars denoting their House. At Secondary, students wear ties with stripes representing the colour of their House.  The Houses - Castle, Lawfords, Frome and Temple, are all named after the historic ‘Gates’ to the City of Bristol.