Summer Assessment 2021.

The purpose of this page is to provide students in Years 11 and 13 and their parents/carers with information about how they will be assessed this summer.

Following the government's decision to cancel externally set exams this summer, students' grades in Years 11 and 13 will be based on teachers' assessments of the standards at which they are working. At Merchants' Academy, we have worked hard to develop an approach to assessment that is fair and rigorous, while ensuring that no student is disadvantaged through circumstances outside of their control. Teacher assessments will be based on a range of evidence, so grades will never be based on a single result in a mock examination or class assessment. 

To read our assessment policy for this summer, please click here

If you feel your child warrants extenuating circumstances when being graded please click here for further information and to complete a form: Letter-Extenuating-Circumstances.docx

Internal Assessments, w/b 10th May and 17th May

You can find out more by watching this video: Y11 and Y13 Summer Assessment webinar The slides from the presentation in the video can be found here: 210316-Briefing-for-Parents-re-Grading.pdf

To help inform teacher assessments, there will be a series of internal assessments, which will mostly take place in w/b 10th May and w/b 17th May. These assessments will provide teachers with ONE source of evidence, which they will consider alongside other evidence, including assessed work completed in class and results achieved in previous assessments, for example the mock examinations (pre-public exams) that took place in November.

For the May Internal Assessment timetable, please click here

Subject Assessment Overviews

We want to provide students with a range of different opportunities between now and May half term to show what they can do. In addition to the internal assessments, students will complete some in-class assessments during normal lessons, which will help to provide evidence of the standard at which they are working.

The overview documents below outline the upcoming assessments in each subject:

Please click here Year-11-Summer-Assessment-Overview-2021.pdf  for the Year 11 Subject Assessment Overview 

Please click here Yr 13 Summer assessment overview for the Year 13 Subject Assessment Overview

Results Days

We are required to submit grades for students to the exam boards by Friday, 18th June. At this point, we are not able to share grades with students or their parents/carers.

Year 13 students will receive their results on Tuesday, 10th August

Year 11 students will receive their results on Thursday, 12th August

More information about arrangements for these days will be communicated nearer the time.


To discuss pastoral support, please contact the following people:

Year 11: Stacey Pearson, Head of Learning for Year 11 at

Year 13: Dale Rowe, Head of Learning for Years 12 and 13 at

If you have any questions about our approach to assessment, please contact Rob Williams, Vice Principal at