Qualification - Level 3

Exam Board - VTCT

Why choose this course?

This is a new and exciting full time course delivered by a professional hairdresser.  This course is intended to set students up for ‘salon life’, it’s an introduction to a range of hairdressing skills that can be developed more through an apprenticeship or full time placement.


Course information

MA Sixth Form offers a Level 2 course in the first year followed by a Level 3 in the second year. The first year of this course introduces students into the world of hairdressing and concentrates on their basic technical skills followed by the theory which will help them develop further.

Students will expand their knowledge on;


  • Health and Safety in the salon
  • Consult and advise clients
  • Working in the hair industry
  • The art of dressing hair
  • Blow-drying and setting hair
  • Cutting hair
  • Plus one optional unit.


The second year will consist of a similar structure but more advanced in-depth techniques, taking what they’ve learnt in the first year to the next level.


  • Different ranges of how to cut hair
  • Advanced colour techniques
  • Colour correction



How you will be assessed;

Students will be working within a salon environment in which they will be required to source their own models. Students are expected to attend each session in order to get the full potential from this course. We recreate a real salon atmosphere for students to develop their confidence and get themselves ready for ‘salon life’ outside of education.

Independent learning will sometimes be required as the timetable is split into practical and theory lesson.

Students get assessed internally for practical and externally for theory. During your first year you will be externally and internally assessed on every unit to ensure true understanding before you progress to the next unit.

In your second year you have 2 external exams and again you will internally assessed on your practical skills for each unit component.

Every unit has a range of criteria to cover, each student will get the appropriate practice time needed and will not go to assessment until they are ready.


Entry Requirements;

5 GCSE grades and a keen interest in hairdressing is desirable.